Artist Casey James Olesen is a member of the Fine Art Association and a valued member of the National Sculpture Society. The diverse gifts Casey brings to the world of Fine Art is of divine inspiration, because of his passion and openness to all types of medium in the Arts. Casey may be engaged in an oil painting one day and found working three dimensionally in clay the next. His life long work reflects his primary interest in the physical human form. Casey's strong drive for exploring and depicting historic Native Americans of the old west and his current spiritual beliefs are depicted in most of his works. Casey's natural born interest is in human anatomy and focus on figurative sculpture. Creating such realistic detail that the viewer can actually connect on a personal level with feelings the artist is capturing, whether it be mood, anatomy or individuality. His work is seldom idealized; every muscle or draping roll of fat is important because of what it communicates. On some level Casey's work may invite the viewer to confront their own personal feelings about physical beauty, and on another more important level, each piece is a statement about what it is like for our Being to experience human form. Casey states; "I succeed when I cause my viewer to feel an emotion, whether spiritual or a joyful chuckle. On a deeper level, I know my work is a physical manifestation of my emotional state when I create... I thoroughly enjoy my life's purpose and the ability to bring joy and blessings to others when I can share and allow this gift of our Divine Oneness to work through me.


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